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Pucka kuhinja - Demo + Live in Djakovo

Unfortunately I don't have access to a working scanner, so this is the best I could do with a digital camera.

Pucka kuhinja were a fun punk rock band from Osijek. They played during the mid- to late nineties, then stopped, then started playing again a few years ago with a couple replacement members. They play much better now, which makes them a less great band in my opinion - I like this more amateurish stuff much better. They have a new CD titled "Jel karas ti sta?" which you can probably get somewhere, but this is the original demo tape and a short live recording from 1996, taken from old cassettes. The songs' subject matter ranges from losing one's liver to homemade brandy to rewriting the Lord's prayer as a call to glue sniffing, with a few stops in between at diseases, shit, and old women selling their prosthetic limbs so they could afford combat boots and mohawk haircuts. Why can't the Arcade Fire write about such worthy topics?

Track listing:

1. Baba (3:31)
2. Dan kad sam ostao bez jetre (2:01)
3. Glad (1:17)
4. Klinika za krpanje (2:17)
5. Govno opet napada (2:15)
6. Trilogija o babama (2:22)
7. (skontavanje) (live) (0:55)
8. Baba (live) (3:14)
9. Klinika za krpanje (live) (2:09)
10. Dan kad sam ostao bez jetre (live) (2:12)
11. Molitva (live) (2:15)


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