nedjelja, 27. veljače 2011.

Dusevna kataklizma - Demo

This is the first band I had friends in, back when I was in my second year at high school, so that was a big deal for me then. The whole trip of listening to a song my friends wrote or watching them onstage playing - I was completely starstruck. Years passed, the band fell apart without accomplishing much, my cassette which contained their demo got lost, and it was a full decade before a friend unexpectedly found the demo on Soulseek, downloaded it and gave it to me. Listening to it now, well, I don't enjoy it nearly as much as I did then - it sounded much better back when I didn't have many other punk rock tapes to compare it to. Still, it does hold some historical significance for my friends who I went to shows with, and a cool punk rock riff will pop out now and then... Listen and decide for yourself.

Track listing:

1. Prezir (1:18)
2. Buka (2:02)
3. Rupe u tijelu (1:53)
4. Greska (0:48)
5. Noz (1:36)
6. Malena stvar (1:14)
7. Samoubojstvo (2:28)
8. Bitka (2:20)
9. Mi imamos mnogos problemos (1:35)
10. Kraj (0:13)


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  1. ODI U KUHIJU PO NOŽ. NAJVEČI NOŽ ŠTO POSTOJI!!!!!! Osijek krajem devedesetih najbolji pank!!