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Moving Targets - Three Singles

Here's a quick update for anyone who liked the previous post. The Moving Targets were a mid-80's Boston band who had a great pop-influenced-hardcore sound in the vein of later Hüsker Dü records. During their time together they have released four full-length LP's and three singles, which are collected here. Roughly half of these songs also appear on the LP's, and the other half are exclusive to the singles, be they new songs, alternate takes, or a Led Zeppelin cover. You can figure out for yourself which are which somewhere on the vast plains of the Internet.

Track listing:

1. Less than Gravity (3:30)
2. Faith (2:38)
3. Squares & Circles (2:19)
4. Away from Me (3:24)
5. Falling (2:58)
6. Selfish (2:16)
7. Last of the Angels (2:36)
8. Babble (3:01)
9. No Quarter (Led Zeppelin) (7:58)
10. Answer II (3:33)


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