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Glasshopper - Glasshopper

Another noise rock band from Croatia, this one came from the harbour town of Rijeka. Rijeka had had a very vital punk rock/new wave scene from the late seventies onwards, and the local "Ri Rock" sound has been hailed and loved so much that I think I am not alone when I say I'd had enough of Rijeka's daring, aggressive, arty and theatrical rock sound for about four lifetimes. Long and fruitful ones. This band, however, didn't really have anything to do with its hometown's rock tradition, which is good, and it was a good band, which is even better. They had appeared on two of the compilations I shared with you some posts earlier, and this is their sole official release, a seven song CD on Earwing Records/Carnival Tunes. From what I gather some of the guys from the band have continued with other bands and the band leader Marin now leads a reportedly great, but abysmally named group "Marinada". I haven't heard any of that stuff so I will shut up and leave you with this very good mini album.

Track listing:

1. Control (3:03)
2. Black Shoes (3:43)
3. Give Me That Night (2:39)
4. Ants (2:36)
5. La guerra es finida (2:32)
6. Bark (2:17)
7. Song (3:27)


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  1. op. taman slušam i pišem o Marinadi. poslušam si odmah i ovo