utorak, 1. veljače 2011.

Mule - Live Athens

Check out the town "Hell" just SE of Lansing. Is that what the song's about?
Here's something not easily found - a great-sounding bootleg of a complete show by the incredible noise-blues-country combo Mule, recorded at the most amazing time of their career, after releasing the self-titled debut LP and its follow-up EP, "Wrung" (I derive this from the setlist - there's no data on when exactly this was recorded, but when you listen to it you'll learn that it was near Christmas, and also that it was bassist Kevin Munro's birthday; probably in 1992 or 1993? I also have no idea whether it was recorded in Athens, Georgia, or Athens, Greece, but I'd go with the former. Should've taught R.E.M. a thing or two!). The playing is excellent, the double vocals of guitarist P.W. Long and bassist Munro are even more drunkenly passionate than on the studio recordings, and the setlist covers most of the debut LP and half of "Wrung" - now, if any loser on the Internet were allowed to give his worthless opinions on songs written by FUCKING MULE, I'd say that maybe they had picked the wrong half of "Wrung" and should have found space for "Now I Truly Understand"; luckily this is not the case, so I'll just shut the fuck up and enjoy this incredible musical artifact.

Track listing:

1. The Rope and the Cuckold (6:17)
2. Mama's Reason to Cry (4:32)
3. Drown (4:33)
4. Mississippi Breaks (4:33)
5. What Every White Nigger Knows (5:00)
6. I'm Hell (4:10)
7. We Know You're Drunk (4:46)
8. Lucky (6:44)
9. Sugarcane Zuzu (5:52)


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  1. Svaka časta za ovo,di si samo iskopao,bravo!!!

  2. našlo se kod nekoga na soulseeku... kao i obično, hvala internetu, postojbini golih žena i opskurnog panka \m/