srijeda, 23. veljače 2011.

Youth of Today - Live at Van Hall, Amsterdam 1989

I never got into the Straight Edge thing, not musically, even less ideologically. Actually, I come from a city of 105,000 people, with a rather active punk rock/hardcore scene, which has never had even one straight edger to be embarrassed about. However I really like the Youth of Today, whose "We're Not in This Alone" LP is in my eyes (ears?) an absolute hardcore masterpiece. This is a bootleg 7" taken from a show during their 1989 European tour, and it was given to me some ten or twelve years ago by my friend Srdjan, who plays drums in a Serbian hardcore band called Unison (in my opinion the best hardcore band in the Balkans - check them out). He was straight edge then (or wasn't? he's not now, so according to the sXe doctrine, he never was?) and I was very much NOT straight edge, I had never heard YOT, and listening to this 7", I didn't really become a fan - the sound quality is shit, as it was recorded by a member of the audience on a Walkman. Still, now that I enjoy their other stuff, I'm glad to have this, seeing how I rate rather low on the pretentious asshole scale of rare record possession, so hvala još jednom, Srđane! Of interest to you might be the two covers on side B, I mean SIDE XX, which have not appeared on other YOT recordings, at least not official ones.

Track listing:

1. A Time We'll Remember (1:48)
2. No More (3:03)
3. Break Down the Walls (2:47)
4. Can't Close My Eyes (1:14)
5. Malfunction (Cro-Mags) (3:08)
6. Minor Threat (Minor Threat) (1:53)
7. Standing Hard (0:47)


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  1. Malfunction obrada se pojavila i na Take a Stand live CD-u i na Live in Vienna live LP-u, ali da, to su isto bili bootlezi...