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The Steve McQueens - Complete Discography

I have a bit of an obsession about this band - perhaps it's because I got their debut LP at a time when I only owned 15 or 20 punk rock tapes, or because they never had any success and I have a soft spot for unloved bands (I want to give them all the love I think they deserve, but do not get), or just maybe they really were great? Their sound is ramshackle, anti-fi garage punk, recorded so badly that I frequently have trouble differing between the bass and the drums, or the lead guitar and the vocals, and I don't think I ever understood a single word that was not part of a song title (OK, I think the chorus of "I've Got BSE" goes "I've got BSE, oh yeah!" but that's about it). I love them all the more for it. They came from Germany in the mid-nineties, released an album on Incognito Records in 1996 and another one on Radio Blast Recordings in 1999, along with a few singles, a split single and a couple of compilation appearances; by the turn of the century they were no more. Here then is their complete recorded legacy, 42 songs ripped from vinyl, in the hope someone beside my friend Josip will finally agree with me and say "Man, this is some of the best punk rock ever!" Give them a chance!

"Got a Mission!"

Track listing:

1. Hey Hey Hey (1:52)
2. Cruise Missile (1:41)
3. I Hate My Job (1:56)
4. I've Got BSE (1:51)
5. Come On on a Ride (2:05)
6. Make Her Mine (2:43)
7. Can't Get That Baby Outta My Head (2:29)
8. Coolest Girl (2:06)
9. Sissy Jerk (Supercharger) (1:24)
10. She Lied (1:53)
11. I Don't Wanna (2:09)
12. Radio (traditional) (2:00)
13. I'm a Loser (But You're a Loser Too!) (2:24)
14. She's So Cool! (2:12)


"We Sell Millions Nationwide"

Track listing:

1. I Like Rock'n'roll (1:50)
2. Stay (1:38)
3. I Wanna Go (1:53)
4. I Don't Care (2:18)
5. If You Say (1:52)
6. Mission to Rock (2:08)
7. First Time (1:25)
8. Destination Dead End Street (2:26)
9. 1/25 (1:16)
10. Real No. 1 (1:16)
11. Not the Time to Grow Up (2:01)
12. If Only Someone (1:57)
13. She's Alright (1:29)
14. I Don't Know (2:27)



1. Action (1:37)
2. I Want You (To Go) (1:26)
3. Last Night (1:36)
4. She Lied to Me (1:47)
5. Trini Trimpop, Get Off the Air!!! (2:14)
6. 1995 (2:05)
7. Wild Jane (Rip Offs) (2:06)
8. Mission to Rock (2:06)
9. I Wanna Go Out with You (2:32)
10. Thinking (Of You) (1:47)
11. Loserville (2:35)
12. Everybody Hates Me (Loli & the Chones) (1:01)
13. What You See (1:37)
14. Gasoline (1:44)


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  1. Da najbolji punk rock ikad!!Sramota što svijet ne zna za jedan od najboljih bendova svih vremena!Sramota kažem!!

  2. I'm tryng to download "Singles" but the file seems broken.. I couln't listen to most of the songs. Could you please send me "Everybody Hates Me"? I'm very interested in this cover :)

  3. Hey man, thanks for letting me know, I have updated the file and now it should work fine. Enjoy!

  4. Great! It works! Thanks a lot man!!

  5. ajd konahcno da poslusham :)