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MDC - Live in Maribor 9.10.1990.

Here's a semi-official live release by hardcore survivors MDC, recorded in Maribor, Slovenia in 1990 and released by the Slovenian Front Rock label. The sound is rather good, except for the vocals being too high in the mix (typical of soundboard recordings), and the lineup featuring Rancid's Matt Freeman on bass, whose overplaying I can't stand (I never understood how guitar heroics were banned from punk rock, while at the same time bass masturbators like that guy are hailed as gods). Also, our Slovenian pals were a bit cheap so they recorded the show on previously used tape, the result of which being that you can hear backwards music during the silent parts between songs. The set list is a bit strange, as this was recorded on the tour for the questionable "Metal Devil Cokes" album, but it does feature a few of the classics, alongside amusing covers of "Folsom Prison Blues" and "Wooly Bully" which you can't hear on any of their official releases, as far as I know. As a side note, the track listing on the LP only lists the last three songs with a "?", and I can understand not knowing the MDC song "Beat Somebody Up", but how can you not recognize fucking "Folsom Prison Blues" and "Wooly Bully"?! Bloody punk rockers.

Oh yeah, thanks to my friend Ivan Culjak for giving me this LP and a Dwarves 7" as an unexpected present.

Track listing:

1. I Hate Work (1:23)
2. Greedy & Pathetic (1:15)
3. Chicken Squawk (3:36)
4. Born to Die (2:19)
5. John Wayne Was a Nazi (2:57)
6. S.K.I.N.H.E.A.D. (3:24)
7. Dead Cops Rock (1:54)
8. Violent Rednecks (0:40)
9. Dirty Harry for President (2:22)
10. Dick for Brains (2:56)
11. My Family Is a Little Weird (2:20)
12. Knucklehead (3:02)
13. No More Cops (2:16)
14. Deep in the Heart of Racist AmeriKKKa (1:50)
15. Folsom Prison Blues (2:56)
16. Beat Somebody Up (2:34)
17. Wooly Bully (2:12)


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