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Concrete Worms - Punk Rock Crew + Live at Garage Fire 13.06.2009.

Pictures stolen from here.
Concrete Worms are my favourite currently active punk rock band from the ex-Yugoslavian region. They've got it all - excellent male-female vocals by the husband and wife duo of Dragan and Dragana (hah!), a wonderful unhinged energy provided by the excellent drummer Ilija, and an incredible range of covers which shows a true love of all things punk rock (New Bomb Turks! Johnny Thunders! Poison Idea! The Humpers! Misfits! The Exploited! And most incredibly, "Jackson", made famous by Johnny and June Carter Cash - you know Johnny Cash, he's that guy who - according to all the other bands' cover choices - performed only two songs in his whole career). I saw them live at least 10 times, and every show was incredible, making me look forward to each one like it's the only time I'll ever be able to see them. I have uploaded an old demo of theirs, which is not available for sale as far as I know, and which is good, but not as great as they now are; and an excellent, but sadly short live recording from two years ago, which is as great as anything you've ever heard. They have released two better CD's after this one, called "Just Gamblin'..." and "Cities of Death", but you can buy those from the band for some ridiculous price - so do that.

Track listing:

1. S-Bombs (1:25)
2. Bad Feelin' (2:14)
3. Gambler (2:08)
4. Reason (2:13)
5. Here Today (2:41)
6. Friend (1:53)
7. You're Killin' Me (2:10)
8. Lies (1:50)
9. Drunk as a Skunk (1:37)
10. Mr. Policeman (2:34)
11. Don't Get Me Wrong (2:02)
12. Refuse to Lose (2:58)
13. Hooligans on the Streets (live) (3:22)
14. Need to See You (live) (2:35)
15. Union Job (live) (2:40)
16. Never Blue (live) (4:00)
17. You Can Go Now (live) (2:03)
18. Jackson (live) (3:16)


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