petak, 22. srpnja 2011.

UK Subs - Live in Ljubljana 1986

Here's another one from the "Vsi zivi" series, sadly with not as great of a sound as the first one. I believe the original tape sounded much better, but the rip probably came from a tenth-generation copy; if anyone who owns a better sounding copy reads this, you know where to find me. Check this out: the Subs were already a 10 years old band when this was recorded. Twenty-five years later, they're still THE SHIT, at least live (not "shit", "the shit"!). Respect.

Pic stolen from this great blog (at least if you can read Croatian).

Track listing:

1. Endangered Species (2:47)
2. NY State Police (2:30)
3. I Couldn't Be You (2:16)
4. I Live in a Car (1:21)
5. Warhead (3:35)
6. You Don't Belong (2:47)
7. Party in Paris (2:00)
8. Teenage (2:27)
9. Left for Dead (1:17)
10. SK8 Tough (1:57)
11. Stranglehold (2:23)
12. Tomorrow's Girls (2:28)
13. New Barbarians (3:17)
14. Organised Crime (2:09)
15. Crash Course (1:38)
16. All I Wanna Do (1:39)


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