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Sonic Youth - Live in Slovenia 1985 and 1987

This is an "official bootleg" tape released by the great Slovenian label FV Music, part of their "Vsi zivi" cassette series which also featured concerts held in Slovenia by bands such as Nomeansno, Swans, Pere Ubu, UK Subs and a few others. I hope I'll manage to complete the whole series one day; this is the first installment I got a hold of. The first five songs are from a 1985 show in Sentvid and the remaining seven from the one held in Ljubljana in 1987. The sound is quite good and so are the performances - if you're a fan you should like this.

Track listing:

1. Halloween (5:11)
2. Brother James (3:06)
3. Kill Yr. Idols (2:32)
4. Into the Groovey (Madonna) (2:23)
5. I Love Her All the Time (6:35)
6. Schizophrenia (4:20)
7. Expressway to Yr. Skull (5:54)
8. Pacific Coast Highway (4:12)
9. Stereo Sanctity (3:15)
10. Tom Violence (2:40)
11. White Cross (4:15)
12. Hot Wire My Heart (Crime) (3:36)


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