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Debeli precjednik - Demos, Comps, EPs 1996-2001

Bubi didn't jump. Poseur.

Debeli precjednik/Fat Prezident is probably the biggest and most popular punk rock band in Croatia to willingly stay firmly in the underground - a highly respectful band composed of highly disrespectful individuals, so to say. Here's a compilation of their early material which you can mostly find in other places online, but not all together in a single file - so that's my contribution to the Scene. It contains their first and second demo tapes, two live songs from this compilation, two more songs from a compilation I'll put up some other time (thanks to Istva for the rip), the "Tribute to Zli Farmeri" EP, and a live cover from a show in KSET. "Pobuna" from the first demo is my favourite song of theirs, as it has only three short parts, but every one of them could have easily been a whole great song in its own right - shoving them all together in just two minutes makes a totally over-the-top melodic punk hit for the ages. The rest of their career is shit but what can you do? :)

Track listing:

1. Ne (2:09)
2. Pobuna (2:13)
3. Zajedno (1:36)
4. Superstar - Another Day (2:20)
5. San manje (2:45)
6. Bez mozga (1:10)
7. Subforce (2:02)
8. I'll Never Fall in Love (1:32)
9. Neca (0:28)
10. Remember (2:03)
11. Secrets (1:11)
12. Inside (1:50)
13. Let Her Go (2:01)
14. When the Sun Comes Down (1:46)
15. Blown Away (2:11)
16. Subforce (live) (1:54)
17. 4 O (live) (3:30)
18. Old Days (2:19)
19. Always (2:33)
20. Farmersko srce (2:05)
21. Farmersko srce (alt. version) (2:05)
22. I've Turned into a Pastir (1:24)
23. Bon Jovi Straight Outta Mental Care Institution (0:30)
24. Anal Boys (live - Why stakla) (2:17)


Here's me having fun at a DP/FP show in Sisak (nikada nece biti Cucak).

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  1. E, to te ja pitam. Sad kad me brat pita da mu za nekog njegovog poslovnpg partnera snimim CD, ja mu dam link! Trebao si stavit i iz "shit" faze pjesme, pa da ne moram lagat kak nemam CD-ova....Cološ

  2. a, ne, što god se može kupiti, ne stavlja se na bloga! ovamo samo out of print stvari da se ne otkida od usta umjetnicima. i vama.

  3. Umjetnici-steram vam ga majci.