nedjelja, 3. srpnja 2011.

The Pogues - Live in Cologne 11.07.1991. (with Joe Strummer)

Photos are from a Paris show, same year, same tour.
This is more of an "important" bootleg than a "good" one - the sound quality leaves much to be desired, and while it's not as bad as most audience recordings from before the digital age, you probably won't be starting each new day with listening to this. Still, it's one of the better-sounding recordings of Joe Strummer's tenure as a Pogue, when he replaced the dysfunctional drunken poet Shane MacGowan (who is still dysfunctional and drunk, but now is again a member of the reformed Pogues - I guess it's easier to work with a guy like him in a cash-grab nostalgia act*, than in an active band which produces new music). Who would've thought in 1991 that twenty years later (and I'll see the Pogues on 14.07.2011. - twenty years almost to the day!) Joe would be dead, while Shane would still be gigging? I guess even the Devil himself is scared of having to face Shane MacGowan's hangover after fifty years of drinking.

Track listing:

1. Intro (0:59)
2. If I Should Fall from Grace with God (2:27)
3. Sayonara (2:54)
4. Cotton Fields (3:02)
5. Young Ned of the Hill (4:48)
6. Rain Street (3:54)
7. Repeal of the Licensing Laws (2:36)
8. Tombstone (3:04)
9. Turkish Song of the Damned (3:41)
10. Gartloney Rats (2:42)
11. London Calling (3:32)
12. Metropolis (2:55)
13. Thousands Are Sailing (4:42)
14. The Sunnyside of the Street (2:47)
15. Straight to Hell (6:36)
16. Medley (3:56)
17. Dirty Old Town (3:51)
18. The Sick Bed of Cuchulainn (3:40)
19. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah (5:03)
20. Star of the County Down (3:08)
21. I Fought the Law (2:43)
22. Brand New Cadillac (2:03)
23. The Parting Glass (4:41)


* If this sounded bitter, it isn't - I don't have much against nostalgia cash-grabs, especially now in the Internet age, when you can easily find out who's in the band, what songs they're playing, and how they're playing them, before you decide to buy a ticket. I'm giddy with excitement for seeing them.

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