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Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Live at Krizanke, Ljubljana 1994 - VIDEO

This is the only picture of Cave in Ljubljana in 1994 that I could find. A charming one!
I've seen Nick Cave for the first time in my life a few weeks ago, in the guise of Grinderman; I was happy to see him and the show was quite good - entertaining and energetic, but I had a problem with the SONGS. To my ears, they were mostly only good songs, with maybe two very good ones, and no great ones; and that is the feeling I get with Cave's whole post-"Murder Ballads" output, either with the Bad Seeds or otherwise. I will admit that I haven't really given those records very many chances, but then again, I never needed to give more than one chance to "Prayers on Fire" or "The Good Son". Anyway, this is a show from the tour for "Henry's Dream", while he was still fantastic, and it is a very high quality single-camera shot with excellent sound; you can see it on YouTube, but this is a higher quality version. Unfortunately it's not the complete show, but the nine songs that are included are all excellent. It's a single file but here is the track listing:

1. Your Funeral, My Trial
2. Tupelo
3. Do You Love Me?
4. Papa Won't Leave You, Henry
5. Red Right Hand
6. The Ship Song
7. Brother, My Cup Is Empty
8. The Weeping Song
9. Jack the Ripper

And here are the download links.

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