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Napalm Death - Noise for Music's Sake, Pt. 2

A photo from a fantastic show at Zagreb's KSET club which I had the pleasure of attending.
Some years ago Earache has released a great double-CD compilation by Napalm Death called "Noise for Music's Sake", the first CD of which contained a "best of" selection from their time with the label, and the second, more interesting one for the dedicated fan, a collection of harder to find stuff, including some EP's and many of the bonus tracks added to various re-releases of their studio albums. This album I have compiled completes the story with other non-album stuff that was left off of that compilation, and presents a neat overview of their career from the early harsh grindcore stuff ("The Curse" 7", split 7" with S.O.B., a couple of tracks exclusive to the "Nazi Punks Fuck Off" 7", and a live compilation track), through the somewhat tedious "commercial" phase (the "Greed Killing" and "Breed to Breathe" EP's, minus the tracks available on the "Diatribes" LP), up to the bonus tracks from limited editions of their two most recent releases, the unstoppable "Smear Campaign" and "Time Waits for No Slave", rounded off by an exclusive track for the Decibel magazine. All of this stuff is easily available across the Internet, but I wanted to have it all in one neat package, so here it is for your enjoyment - it does sag a bit in the middle ("Self Betrayal" is especially painful to a punk rocker's ears; surprisingly, I rather like the remix of "Contemptuous", even though I consider the mid-90s trend of techno remixes to be one of the most despicable ones in the whole history of metal), but most of it is essential music by one of the greatest extreme bands of all time.

Track listing:

1. The Curse (3:17)
2. Musclehead (0:50)
3. Your Achievement (0:06)
4. Dead (0:05)
5. Morbid Deceiver (0:45)
6. Multi-National Corporations, Pt. 2 (1:30)
7. Re-Address the Problem (0:31)
8. Changing Colours (0:56)
9. From the Ashes (0:45)
10. Understanding? (0:05)
11. Stalemate (1:03)
12. Unchallenged Hate (live) (1:56)
13. Nazi Punks Fuck Off! (live) (1:44)
14. Contemptuous (xtreem mix) (4:29)
15. Self Betrayal (4:38)
16. Finer Truths, White Lies (2:59)
17. Antibody (2:51)
18. All Links Severed (2:40)
19. Plague Rages (live) (3:48)
20. All Intensive Purposes (3:23)
21. Stranger Now (3:46)
22. Bled Dry (2:21)
23. Time Will Come (3:22)
24. Call That an Option? (3:02)
25. Atheist Runt (6:43)
26. Suppressed Hunger (3:09)
27. We Hunt in Packs (3:49)
28. Omnipresent Knife in Your Back (5:41)
29. Legacy Was Yesterday (2:15)


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