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Grant Hart - Live KST Beograd 17.,18.11.1995.

Picture taken at one of the shows.
Four days ago, on his fiftieth birthday, Grant Hart was supposed to play the KSET club in Zagreb, Croatia, and I was looking forward to seeing him for the second time; sadly, it was not to be, and Grant has spent the night in a Croatian jail for reasons too ridiculous to write about (but which could be described with the term "bureaucratic over-eagerness and stupidity"). Here, for all the other fans who were hoping to see this show, is a soundboard recording from his two shows in Belgrade fifteen years ago, containing an hour and a half of wonderful acoustic versions of his Hüsker Dü, Nova Mob and solo material. I don't know which songs come from which show, but I assume the author of the tape that was uploaded somewhere on the Internet has picked one version each of all (or at least most of) the songs played over the course of the two nights. It's too bad the shows aren't complete but this is still much better than nothing. Here's hoping we will be able to see Grant some time again soon...


Disc One:

1. She Floated Away (2:41)
2. The Girl Who Lives on Heaven Hill (2:44)
3. Remains to Be Seen (2:52)
4. Don't Want to Know If You Are Lonely (3:01)
5. Sorry Somehow (3:16)
6. She's a Woman (And Now He Is a Man) (3:22)
7. Admiral of the Sea (2:17)
8. Ballad #19 (2:55)
9. 2541 (3:32)
10. Charity, Chastity, Prudence and Hope (3:20)
11. Please Don't Ask (3:11)
12. Pink Turns to Blue (2:14)
13. Never Talking to You Again (1:58)
14. You're the Victim (3:26)
15. Keep Hanging On (4:06)
16. Back from Somewhere (2:40)
17. Over My Head (3:24)


Picture taken on the 19.03.2011. Belgrade gig by a friend. http://www.andrejgodjevac.com/

Disc Two:

1. Anything (3:48)
2. She Can See the Angels Coming (2:20)
3. The Last Days of Pompeii (3:16)
4. Introduction (2:43)
5. Diane (4:25)
6. Come, Come (2:30)
7. You're a Soldier (2:14)
8. The Main (3:28)
9. Green Eyes (2:14)
10. Old Empire (2:32)
11. Flexible Flyer (2:14)
12. Books About UFO's (2:18)
13. Signed D.C. (2:55)


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  1. Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you for the update! I can now breathe a big sigh of relief, seeing the Belgrade photo. I saw a couple of articles about the Croatian incident, and have been worried sick, wondering if Grant ever got out of there...or not. (I'm a friend of his from the US.) Again, THANK YOU!

  2. Did your friend take any other pictures? It would be nice to share a link on Grant's Twitter page. Thank you!

  3. Oh, my God, he sounds AMAZING on this recording! Beautiful. Thank you so much.

  4. thank you very much, saw both of these concerts from first row.

    1. ''thank you very much, saw both of these concerts from first row.'' +1
      One of couple best performances in Bg in '90s

  5. I am almost sure that Grant player only one night in Belgrade that year. Saturday morning he had a signing at a record store and the gig was later that day. I hope somebody corrects me if I'm wrong.

  6. Excellent! Many thanks for sharing!

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