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Sleater-Kinney - Singles and Sessions

Sleater-Kinney were one of my favourite bands, at least until they had released what is universally considered to be their finest album, the Dave Fridmann-produced Hendrix-boogie-rock extravaganza "The Woods", which I was never able to wrap my head around. I guess that album at least made me a little bit less sad when they decided to call it quits afterwards, although I will always regret never being able to see them live. Here I have collected most of their non-album singles output, along with a radio session and five live songs, recorded during "The Woods" era, which I don't get much enjoyment from but perhaps you will. I still consider the pinnacle of their career to be their second and third albums, "Call the Doctor" and "Dig Me Out", which feature the most passionate female vocals this side of Poly Styrene, incredibly interesting guitar interplay, fantastic hooks, and the most romantic sentence I have ever heard, "I wanna be your Joey Ramone". (For the moment we'll ignore the song's second chorus, which substitutes Joey for a gentleman I would never want anybody to be for me.) On to the links...

Disc One:

1. You Ain't It (2:43)
2. Surf Song (2:50)
3. Write Me Back Fucker (1:37)
4. More Than a Feeling (Boston) (3:05)
5. Big Big Lights (2:53)
6. Words and Guitar (live Songs for Cassavetes) (2:11)
7. By The Time You're Twenty-Five (2:09)
8. Tapping (3:41)
9. Maraca (3:14)
10. What If I Was Right? (3:45)
11. Off with Your Head (2:28)
12. Lions and Tigers (3:28)
13. Angry Inch (with Fred Schneider) (2:44)
14. Everything (3:26)
15. Modern Girl (live Burn to Shine) (3:13)
16. Wilderness (live KEXP) (3:28)
17. Jumpers (live KEXP) (4:15)
18. Entertain (live KEXP) (4:46)
19. What's Mine Is Yours (live KEXP) (5:25)


Disc Two:

1. Everything (live) (3:49)
2. The Fox (live) (3:15)
3. Wilderness (live XFM) (3:31)
4. You're No Rock 'n' Roll Fun (live) (3:12)
5. Modern Girl (live) (3:12)
6. Entertain (live) (5:32)
7. The Fox (live) (3:13)

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  1. Funny, The Woods was the one album of theirs I was never able to really get into, either. I did have the good fortune of seeing them live on their One Beat tour, and I must say you really missed out (that's my favorite album of theirs). Well, don't give up complete hope, as hopefully they will tour again one of these days. Oh, and thanks, there's a lot of stuff I was looking for with this post :)

  2. Thanks for sharing such great music.
    For some reasons I can't download Disc Two Link seems
    to be broken.

  3. Care to try again? I've just downloaded it without problems.