utorak, 29. ožujka 2011.

Sonny Vincent - Three Covers

Here's a small update as an excuse for a couple of advertisements.

One, Sonny has a new album coming up and a record release show that I would love to attend, as it features the wonderful Guitar Gangsters as the opening band - one of the three criminally underrated British punk rock bands (alongside The Crack and The (Newtown) Neurotics - you really should check out all of these bands).

Two, the Testors are reuniting for a couple of American shows, one in NYC and the other at the Atlanta Mess Around festival. Some more gigs I won't be attending!

Finally, here's the short EP I made out of the three cover songs released on various compilations. The originals are by Johnny Thunders, the Ramones and Chuck Berry, respectively, but you knew that. The Chuck Berry cover utilises the talents of the late, great Mr. Arthur "Killer" Kane, whose unlikely life story was made into a beautiful and poignant documentary which you absolutely need to see. The movie is called "New York Doll" and here's its trailer. From playing bass for the world's most outrageous rock'n'roll band to employment at a Mormon library and back - wow.

Track listing:

1. Sonny Vincent & the Safety Pins - Chatterbox (2:06)
2. Sonny Vincent - I Just Want to Have Something to Do (2:37)
3. Sonny Vincent, Arthur Kane & Clem Burke - Carol (2:25)


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