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SexA - SexA u Galeriji SC 02.06.1990.

SexA (stands for "Sedatives ex Apotheka", apparently) was a cult post-punk/noise-rock band from Croatia; they were active since the early Eighties, and have ended their career in the Netherlands in the mid-Nineties. They started out as a dark new wave band, but my favourite phase of their existence is the later, harsher stuff, comprising the excellent LP "No Sleep 'til Pussy/Fuck Piction" and 7" single "Tidamja/Pussy in the Sky with Diamonds". This live tape comes from that same era and features a few songs not available on either of those more widely spread releases; it's a good tape, although the sound is a bit chaotic and for some reason varies from song to song - I don't know whether this was the case with the original tape or the mp3's come from different sources (it's not my rip). The last song seems to come from a studio session and could easily have been included on the LP.

Track listing:

1. Pogon (3:43)
2. Widow (2:53)
3. Brain (4:01)
4. Helter Skelter (3:24)
5. No Sleep 'til Pussy (3:36)
6. Bloke (5:47)
7. Oci (4:24)
8. Djevojcica (3:22)
9. Dzin Dzon (5:26)
10. Sex (4:24)
11. Uhode (5:54)

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