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The Jesus Lizard - Live Primavera Sound 28.05.2009.

As much as I get annoyed by the whole recent fad of every band that has ever existed reuniting, being able to see the Jesus Lizard for one and only time in my life has made all the other half-assed reunions slightly more bearable. I was at this show, which was recorded for posterity by the great WFMU radio station, who had it available for download on their site for a while. What can I say about finally seeing a band I have always thought to be the most perfect musical combo ever to walk this Earth, or at least one of the two most perfect ones (the other being Fugazi)? I was so overwhelmed that I can hardly remember it, mostly in short disconnected fragments - Yow leaping into the crowd during only the second or third bar the band had played; Duane having a series of LED's on his amp that for some reason spelled "Happy New Year"; Mac looking exactly like Jeremy Irons, and playing his drums in the most amazing way imaginable; all the other hipster bands that played the festival looking even more foolish when compared to such a display of sheer musical FORCE. Scratch out that earlier sentence, Fugazi were great, but the Jesus Lizard were the GREATEST. Thank you for reuniting for me and other kids that were born too late to witness your original tenure - your namesake might be late for his Second Coming, but yours was quite enough for me.

Where's Laldo?

Track listing:

1. Intro (0:48)
2. Then Comes Dudley (4:20)
3. Boilermaker (2:26)
4. Mouth Breather (2:26)
5. My Own Urine (3:20)
6. Dancing Naked Ladies (2:59)
7. Fly on the Wall (3:01)
8. Glamorous (3:13)
9. Puss (3:34)
10. Thumbscrews (2:45)
11. Bloody Mary (2:11)
12. Seasick (3:19)
13. Nub (3:08)
14. Blockbuster (3:17)
15. Gladiator (4:13)
16. Monkey Trick (4:31)
17. Chrome (3:57)
18. Wheelchair Epidemic (2:15)
19. 7 vs. 8 (4:14)


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