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Psihomodo pop - Live Lapidarij 26.10.1986.

Psihomodo pop are one of the more popular Croatian rock bands, which is not surprising, as their singer is a great showman, they write funny lyrics, and their songs are some of the best rock'n'roll songs ever written. OK, so that's because they steal riffs from famous rock'n'roll songs and then write their own lyrics (and songwriting credits)*. But still! They began in the early Eighties, released their first LP in 1986, were great until around 1995 (at least if you were a kid then and hadn't heard all of their material before, on Ramones, Velvet Underground and Blondie records - I was and I hadn't), and then proceeded to become a completely washed-out, unfunny joke band which just won't quit. I saw exactly one good show of theirs in the last ten years, and even that was just because they were supporting Marky Ramone, so 1) they only had some 40 minutes to play, 2) they picked their most punky material for the show, and 3) Marky's show sucked so badly that it readjusted the universal criteria for "good" and "bad". Anyway, their first three or four records are still very well-recorded, well-produced and passionately played power-pop/glam/punk-rock, and this show I am sharing contains my four favourite songs of theirs ("Kad places", "Sve je propalo", "Leteci odred" and "Ja sam"), two songs they have never officially released (one of them quite good - "Istocni vjetar"), a fun, trumpet-aided version of "Zar nebo...", and amusing stage banter, all recorded in quite high quality a quarter of century ago for your present-day enjoyment. Here it is:

Track listing:

1. Evropa (2:14)
2. Ja sam (2:34)
3. Dizanje (3:46)
4. Kad places (2:34)
5. Istocni vjetar (5:21)
6. Leteci odred (3:53)
7. Sve je propalo (4:19)
8. Zar nebo... (3:52)


* I stole this from somewhere, didn't I? Mark Prindle probably?

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