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Voivod - A Flawless Structure? Demo

This artifact is slightly less rare then most of the stuff I try to find for the blog - it is easily available on file sharing networks - but it is the only Voivod demo (except for the "Rrröööääärrr Rough Mix Demo", which I wasn't able to find anywhere) not available on any blog, so it is kinda exclusive - at least in the sense that no-one else had bothered uploading it before. I am including it here because I wanted to have at least something by Voivod, to celebrate the fact that they will be playing in the city where I live in a few months, and that makes me extremely happy because I had never expected to see them - I was pretty sure they gave up on the band as a live act after their guitarist's death. For the uninitiated, Voivod were formed in Canada in the early Eighties, were incredibly influential in at least three metal genres (black, thrash and progressive metal), yet never sounded much like any other band in any of those genres. They started out as a primitive black/thrash hybrid, went on to incredibly intelligent technical thrash, then to progressive metal (sometimes even closer to rock than metal), and ended up as a band which does whatever they please, basically. (Oh yeah, their last few albums feature a nice gentleman by the name of Jason Newsted on bass guitar.) This live demo was recorded during the peak of their progressive thrash period, and although you should listen to the studio albums first if you haven't heard them before, the sound is good enough to make the demo more than just a curiosity for collectors, and the set list features a brilliant Dead Kennedys cover, way before it was cool for metal bands to flaunt their punk/hardcore influences.

Track listing:

1. Intro + Overreaction (5:57)
2. Experiment (6:14)
3. Tribal Convictions (4:48)
4. Chaosmöngers (5:18)
5. Ravenous Medicine (4:32)
6. Korgüll the Exterminator (5:41)
7. Technocratic Manipulators (4:26)
8. Macrosolutions to Megaproblems (5:53)
9. Medley (7:34)
10. Brain Scan (5:14)
11. Psychic Vacuum (5:17)
12. Order of the Blackguards (4:53)
13. Holiday in Cambodia (3:51)
14. Batman (2:20)


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