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The Crack - Live in Atlanta USA 2001

When a band is able to sustain a 30-year career and thousands of rabid followers around the world on the basis of ONE ALBUM, you can bet that one album is really something else. This is the case with the Crack, an English Oi! band with a strong pop-Slade influence, and their exceptional album "In Search of the Crack". I'm not sharing that one here because you can and should buy it, but I am sharing an out-of-print live disc from 2001, recorded in Atlanta on their first US tour (or was it just the one show? I don't know). Every song the Crack wrote is a major hit in a parallel universe where Sparrer are Beatles and Business are Stones, and you can hear that on this excellent recording, too. My World, Nag Nag Nag, Glory Boys, Don't Just Sit There, Everybody's Dreaming, Don't You Ever Let Me Down... they just keep coming! There's a case to be made for "second league" English punk bands often being better than many of the better known names, and I for one would always choose the Guitar Gangsters, the Stiffs, the Crack or Chelsea over, say, Sham 69, or (gah!) the Anti-Nowhere League. Download this and hear for yourself.

Track listing:

1. My World (4:09)
2. Nag Nag Nag (3:05)
3. Take Me Away (5:00)
4. You Keep Running (4:14)
5. Glory Boys (4:39)
6. Don't Just Sit There (4:16)
7. Troops Have Landed (3:13)
8. Everybody's Dreaming (3:46)
9. You Keep Me Waiting (3:00)
10. Don't You Ever Let Me Down (3:43)
11. Going Out (3:19)
12. Don't Stop Me (3:40)
13. All or Nothing (3:07)


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