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Wig - Lying Next to You + Just Obscene

Wig were the first band to feature the vocal talents of one Preston W. Long, later of such wonderful bands as Mule and P.W. Long's Reelfoot. They have achieved some notoriety after signing to a major label and releasing two rather OK albums (of which I prefer the first one, "Deliverance"), but that was all post-Preston; the only releases with him in the fold were the independently released mini-LP "Lying Next to You", and the single "Just Obscene". I actually can't quite remember the two albums exactly, don't feel like searching for them for the sake of this post, and amazingly, nothing from them is available on YouTube; however I do remember the next singer having a much less coarse voice than Preston, and everything sounding a good deal more major label-y than these two releases. Now this collection has a lot in common with both Preston's later material with Mule, and with contemporaries The Jesus Lizard; perhaps it's not as great as the benchmark of excellence in noise rock (this being TJL's duo of best albums, "Goat" and "Liar"), but I wouldn't say it's much shoddier than TJL's "Head", either. I don't know why this band isn't more known, at least within the boundaries of the noise rock scene; but it's not for lack of quality, for sure. Hear for yourself if you think this might be up your alley.

Track listing:

1. Coming Up Slow (4:26)
2. John Shaft (2:55)
3. Sweet Francis (3:40)
4. Bullet (3:30)
5. Black Hole White Ring (4:32)
6. Toy Boat (5:15)
7. Lying Next to You (6:59)
8. Just Obscene (4:17)
9. All the Love in the World (3:57)


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