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Motörhead - Live in Ljubljana 10.12.2012.

This was my sixth time watching the best band in the world, and probably the second best one of all. The first one, in Pula in 2002, is still untouchable, lasting for two and a half hours and completely destroying my hearing; but this one finally broke my unlucky streak with them: Zagreb 2006 - too quiet; Dublin 2009 - Lemmy lost his voice and nearly quit the show early, instead choosing to let Phil Campbell and the singer from the opening act (Nasty Savage) to sing in his place; Munich 2010 and 2011 - humongous concrete hall with terrible sound and standing 500 m away from the stage (And to add insult to injury, one of them didn't even feature Mikkey Dee - Matt Sorum from the Cult replaced him because he was IN A REALITY SHOW. Oh, the things we forgive the people we love!). This time in Ljubljana, I was finally able to see and hear the band properly, and although the show was half the length of that first one (they even cut one song from the already short setlist - granted, it was "Doctor Rock", my least favourite Motörhead song - but  even that one is way better than nothing at all!), it was still excellent. Perhaps Lemmy wanted to get the fuck out of Tivoli hall as quickly as possible - if you're versed in Motör-lore, you'll know that he had the worst show of his career at this very venue 24 years ago, when an incredibly mean and stupid member of the audience threw a razor fixed to a coin on him, cutting his arm badly and making the band cancel the entire tour - that show being the first one. No wonder they placed Ljubljana as the last show this time, then. I will too hold a grudge against Tivoli after this show - this 7000-capacity hall has ONE set of toilets, which was so overcrowded that even before the show, when less than half the audience was in the hall, it would take 15 minutes just to take a piss. I happen to have an issue with drinking alcohol and pissing, meaning that I really NEED to get pissed when I, well, get pissed. Luckily for me, the hall doesn't have a cloakroom, either; and the combination of a long winter coat and plastic beer glasses does wonders in the hands of a capable engineer. But I digress...

Build more bathrooms, Slovenia!
Here, then, is a rather high quality (for audience taping) recording of this show, which won't replace any of the official Motörhead live albums in your collection, but will make a nice souvenir if you've been there; plus there's a great, otherwise unavailable Thin Lizzy cover in the encore. I've separated all the prolonged cheering and stage banter into skippable tracks because some of the audience members are incredibly irritiating during the quiet parts, and I didn't want to cut anything; listen to them at least once so that you can enjoy such charming Lemmyisms as "This next song is from 1916. The record, not the year." In hoping for many more years of seeing this one-of-a-kind band, I leave you with the download link...

A picture from the show, unfortunately I forgot where I stole it from.
Track listing:

1. (cheering) (0:21)
2. I Know How to Die (3:43)
3. Damage Case (3:37)
4. Stay Clean (4:13)
5. Metropolis (4:15)
6. (banter) (1:10)
7. Over the Top (2:48)
8. Guitar Solo (2:00)
9. The Chase Is Better than the Catch (5:49)
10. Rock It (2:54)
11. You Better Run (5:34)
12. (cheering) (2:15)
13. The One to Sing the Blues (with Drum Solo) (7:27)
14. (banter) (1:00)
15. Going to Brazil (2:14)
16. Killed by Death (5:51)
17. Ace of Spades (3:23)
18. (cheering) (3:06)
19. Are You Ready (3:15)
20. (banter) (2:28)
21. Overkill (9:33)


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