utorak, 26. veljače 2013.

Hladno pivo - Promo 7'' + Live

Here's a mega-rare single by Croatia's once premier punk band, which was only released as a promo to radio stations, in what I imagine must be a very limited quantity - I don't know the numbers though. It features two of the songs that later came out on their second album, "G.A.D.", but these versions are exclusive to the single. Especially interesting is the first song, "Sedma noc", which has an outro part that was cut from the album version - whether it was for the better or for worse is for you to judge for yourself. I've also added two more live songs which were released on an obscure German compilation (that's probably why they chose the two songs sung in German).

Track listing:

1. Sedma noc (demo) (1:55)
2. Diznilend (demo) (2:02)
3. Niemals (live) (1:23)
4. Für immer Punk (live) (2:44)


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