nedjelja, 3. veljače 2013.

Ignite - Live in Kutina

Photo from a different show but the same year, stolen from Pix of Change webzine
Only five songs long unfortunately, but a great-sounding soundboard recording from a legendary show held in 1996 in the Baraka club, in the Croatian town of Kutina. Kutina is a small town of about 15,000 inhabitants, but it has sustained a disproportionally large hardcore/ punk scene throughout the Nineties, centered around the Baraka ("barracks", obviously). Many foreign bands played this venue in a time when there were barely any non-local shows even in the capital, Zagreb, and some of the most loved Croatian bands from that time period came out of Kutina, best known of which was the hardcore band Razlog za. Things have wound down in the new millennium unfortunately, and now punk rock in Kutina is mostly relegated to a once-a-year festival called "Organizirani kaos" ("organised chaos"), but here is at least a document of a time when Kutina was, alongside Pula, the most punk rock town in Croatia.

Track listing:

1. Lazy (2:59)
2. Family (2:08)
3. Man against Man (2:02)
4. Where They Talk (1:40)
5. Screaming for Change (2:22)


P.S. I have found no mention of an Ignite song called "Lazy", but could not discover whether this first track is another song listed under a wrong name. If you recognise it, please leave a comment so I can correct the track listing.

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  1. uh što mi nafali rodnu grudu...eto prijatelju čitam tvoj blog pa naletio na ovo. samo da te ispravim, koncert nije bio u baraci jer baraka tad još nije bila u funkciji, nego u domu sportova.