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The Undertones - Live at Paradiso, Amsterdam 15.03.1980.

Poster for another gig at the same venue, one from 1982 if teh Internets are to be believed.
The Undertones were probably the nicest punk band in the history, ever. They make the Buzzcocks seem manly (and Steve Diggle downright MACHO). They seem so lovable that I actually got quite misty-eyed during the sadder parts of their documentary (narrated by John Peel, the nicest bloke in radio history). They were also a tremendously good live band, but for some shameful reason they still don't have a single commercially available live release to their name. Here, then, is a wonderful bootleg of their 1980 show in Amsterdam's Paradiso club that used to be available on a number of blogs, but as it happens I couldn't find an active link for it anywhere on the Web right now - and it really is a gem every fan should hear. The songs are great, the playing and singing is great, and the sound is worthy of official release, so make sure to snatch this one if you have any interest in (punk)rock('n'roll).

Track listing:

1. Male Model (2:30)
2. Tearproof (2:25)
3. Teenage Kicks (2:37)
4. Jimmy Jimmy (2:44)
5. The Way Girls Talk (2:56)
6. There Goes Norman (2:50)
7. Get Over You (2:34)
8. Whizz Kids (2:37)
9. Family Entertainment (2:48)
10. True Confessions (1:56)
11. Here Comes the Summer (2:11)
12. She's a Runaround (2:12)
13. Girls Don't Like It (1:34)
14. Rock and Roll (Gary Glitter) (2:39)


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