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Etiopia - Etiopia + Live 06.05.1989. Ekonomski fakultet Kragujevac

Etiopia were an '80s punk band from Kragujevac*, Serbia, which I know next to nothing about. All I do know is what I could gather from listening to this, their sole LP, and a bootleg of a live show from 1989: they seem to have played hardcore-punk up until 1989, as can be heard (although rather poorly) on the live recording; and then they have switched to a typically Yugoslavian brand of power-pop (think first Psihomodo pop LP) around the time when they made their record in 1990. The record is quite enjoyable actually, certainly nothing life-changing, but a nice footnote in the history of Yugoslavian underground rock. Here it is for your listening pleasure.

Track listing:

1. Rodjen u predgradju (3:37)
2. Nema izgleda za bolje (2:29)
3. Jutro (4:09)
4. Cudna pesma (2:33)
5. Etiopia (2:19)
6. Zvezda (2:31)
7. Beli mis (2:55)
8. Sreo sam nju (4:56)
9. Realnost (live) (4:21)
10. Kraj (live) (3:37)
11. Zabrana (live) (3:56)
12. Crni zubi (live) (2:49)
13. Instrumental (live) (2:24)
14. Dosada (live) (2:35)
15. Onanija (live) (4:02)
16. Beli mis (live) (2:19)
17. U Jugoslaviji sve je dobro (live) (4:38)


* Turns out they were actually from Jagodina, not Kragujevac. Thanks, Darkec!

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