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Future of the Left - Live at Patronaat Haarlem 09.11.2007.

Here's an old Future of the Left show from the Patronaat club in Haarlem, Netherlands. I've been to this club once, back in 2008, and saw another great band there that fans of the Fall or the Wedding Present should definitely seek out; they're called The Calvin Party, have been a band for ages, and are way too obscure for the greatness their music possesses. I'll try to dig up something rare of theirs to put up here some time, but to get back to the band at hand, it's FOTL again, they're great again, and that's more or less it. The sound is rather good and there's a great-sounding track from a mysterious "London Live" bootleg attached to the end as a bonus; I'd really like to get my hands on the whole of that show, so if you can help, please do. Now I'm going drinking, bye!

A young Falco with all his baby fat does an Eddie Vedder pose. He got so much more handsome in the following years, if I do say so myself!
Track listing:

1. (introduction) (0:51)
2. The Lord Hates a Coward (4:00)
3. Plague of Onces (3:49)
4. Fingers Become Thumbs (2:14)
5. Wrigley Scott (2:20)
6. (interlude) (0:56)
7. Team: Seed (1:31)
8. Manchasm (4:20)
9. Suddenly It's a Folk Song (2:51)
10. Fuck the Countryside Alliance (3:04)
11. Small Bones Small Bodies (2:50)
12. My Gymnastic Past (2:55)
13. Adeadenemyalwayssmellsgood (3:08)
14. (outro) (0:41)
15. The Hope That House Built (bonus live in London) (4:32)


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